Verifying data through CASS Certification results in real cost savings.

Our data quality program starts with CASS Certification, in which your customer addresses are corrected and standardized through a U.S. Post Office address standardization database. In addition to address validation, a barcode for each address is provided so that mail can be processed through automated sorting machines for more affordable and efficient bulk mailings.

CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) Certification data cleaning for standard or bulk mail must be done within 90 days of a mailing so that your direct marketing pieces can be delivered to the correct postal address.

The result of data cleansing for postal address verification? Thanks to CASS Certification, you will have lower postal rates and a cleaner database. With our data quality management, you will no longer be wasting money on printing direct mail brochures that your customers never receive.

To learn more about our CASS Certification address validation services, call 800-733-6567.

CASS Certification has not only improved the quality of our list, it has helped improve our catalog delivery numbers and saved us several thousand dollars. We’re very pleased to have Spectrum on our team!
Tim Klebe, President