Clean, well organized data vastly improves address validation and delivery.

Our data cleansing process ensures that your data quality is the highest it can be. We take this extra step to ensure that your address data is perfectly aligned by moving company names from the first name field into the company name field, or by moving an address out of a name field back into street address field.

This data cleansing process increases the percentage of customer names and addresses that match to address validation products like Cass Certification and NCOA.

Call us at 800-733-6567 to learn how our Manual Database Cleanse can help your address hygiene.

I came on board with A.M. Leonard about 2 years ago, and right away was welcomed by Spectrum and debriefed as to where our lists stand, and other opportunities they thought were possible. Their eagerness and enthusiasm made a strong impression on me. As our business partner, their professionalism and passion towards helping us succeed has made my job easier, and has helped us increase sales. The value-adds and insights they share, the hard work and due diligence they exert, the meticulous accuracy and attention to detail they commit while always being on-time – all make them a valuable and trusted team player. I look forward to our continued relationship with more collaboration to further help our business grow.
Neil Roble, Director of Marketing
A.M. Leonard