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List Rental Fulfillment

Our turnkey list rental fulfillment solutions take the pain out of list management

When enhancing your direct marketing mailing list with a rental fulfillment service, try our turnkey list rental fulfillment service.

If you are an existing data hygiene and merge purge service customer, we take the output of your merge and prepare the list rental fulfillment file, saving you money on additional NCOA, CASS Certification and duplicate record processing. If you are a List Rental Fulfillment-only customer, your list rental file is put through a rigorous data cleansing process to ensure data quality and minimize duplicate records, eliminating costly post-merge deductions from your list rental income.

We guarantee that our list rental fulfillment service will save you time and money because we host your file, prepare the counts for your mailing list manager, and deliver the lists to the right location on time.

Having your direct marketing mailing lists hosted by Spectrum Data will save you from the hassle of responding to endless count, ship, and status requests that take you away from marketing your business.

For rental fulfillment and other direct marketing mailing list services, call 800-733-6567.