Maximize your return with matchback response analysis, direct mail testing and statistical analysis

Our direct mail campaigns never have to be a shot in the dark with our matchback response analysis, direct mail response testing and statistical analysis modeling. We help you with your direct mail testing by assisting you with developing and measuring the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign pieces.

You will benefit from statistical analysis that utilizes a multivariate regression model to determine which customers are most likely to respond to your direct marketing campaign. Our matchback response analysis measures just how successful your direct mailer was by matching orders and leads to your mailing list.

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We depend on Spectrum Data for many services, but for me personally it’s their analysis that makes all the difference. We depend on numbers to tell the story … Spectrum helps us understand the numbers and put them in perspective so that we can make better informed decisions next time. David and his team play a very important role of our process.
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