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Your Data, Your Way.

For over 30 years, our customers have been asking us for more insight into their customers. In response, we developed an interative dashboard solution code named: Hawkeye. Hawkeye unifies data from your company’s CRM, eCommerce websites, email providers, and more to provide cross-channel marketing, sales, and product insight.

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    Custom Databases

    Every database we build is a unique custom solution tailored to your company. From 1 million to a 100 million customers we have you covered.

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    Interactive Dashboards

    Getting to know your customers is the best road to success. Our custom dashboarding solution will help identify trends and customer activity to maximize new opportunities.

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    Our 30 years of experience cleaning data and deduping accounts gives us an advantage over traditional business intelligence companies.


Our Clients Say

“Hawkeye has helped my marketing team reallocate our budget and focus on the channels generating the highest quality leads, which have increased 110% within only 60 days! Our sales and marketing teams are working together more effectively than ever before”

Charles Mertz, ceo

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