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In today’s hyper-competitive, internet-savvy environment, data management has never been more important.
That’s why you need an experienced partner who will ask the right questions to quickly get you where you need to go.

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    Full 48 Month NCOA®

    Why settle for less when you can have access to the full 48 month NCOALink database. With over 160 million COA’s and inclusion of DPV®, LACSLink® and SuiteLink® services there is no better way to keep up with your customers.

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    DSF2 is the gold standard for address verification and contains all delivery point addresses served by the USPS. This service means you are likely to find the right John or Jane Smith when they live close to each other.

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    Manual Corrections

    Clean, well-organized data vastly improves address validation and delivery. We go the extra mile and manually correct data as needed to increase your success.

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    Deliverability scoring

    Proprietary DSF2 footnote rankings determine how deliverable an address is and allows you to choose your level of risk with unverified addresses.


Our Clients Say

“I came on board with A.M. Leonard about 2 years ago, and right away was welcomed by Spectrum and debriefed as to where our lists stand, and other opportunities they thought were possible. Their eagerness and enthusiasm made a strong impression on me. As our business partner, their professionalism and passion towards helping us succeed has made my job easier, and has helped us increase sales. The value-adds and insights they share, the hard work and due diligence they exert, the meticulous accuracy and attention to detail they commit while always being on-time – all make them a valuable and trusted team player. I look forward to our continued relationship with more collaboration to further help our business grow.”


Success Is In The Address

Data hygiene is essential in the United States, where more than 35 million people – more than 11 percent of the population – move every year, according to the U.S.Census Bureau.

Our postal address validation services offer a comprehensive data hygiene program that includes everything you need to stay in front of your customers. 48 Month NCOALink, DSF, CASS, LACS and Deceased Suppression processing are some of the tools we use to keep your direct marketing message on target.


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