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Deliverability Scoring

Successful direct market campaigns depend on high-quality data.

To further improve your data quality, we utilize additional address hygiene processing tools like Delivery Sequence File Processing. DSF address validation means that you are more likely to find the right John or Jane Smith when the two people live near each other.

We can also process your mailing list through Locatable Address Conversion System Processing. Our LACS data hygiene program ensures that all of your rural route box numbers are converted to city-style street addresses, so that the maximum number of direct mail pieces arrive in the correct customer’s mailbox.

For complete data quality assurance, also select our Deceased Suppression Processing and Prison Suppression Processing programs. These data quality tools help eliminate wasteful mailings and insensitive sends to deceased individuals or those in prison.

With these data hygiene tools, you will be ready for your next direct marketing project, knowing that you have the best data quality available for a successful marketing campaign.

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