Measuring campaign success begins with matchback response analysis

With our proprietary matchback response analysis, you can measure the success of your direct mail campaigns.

Our response and analysis services determine the effectiveness of your direct marketing efforts by matching your direct mail campaign catalog and postcard mailings with your orders and leads. This detailed campaign analysis segments your customers and responses into meaningful groups and time periods to determine who your best customers are, when to mail to them again and how much of your marketing budget you should spend on your next direct response campaign. We provide a detailed marketing analysis report for a whole season, or we can prepare a response analysis report for an individual direct marketing campaign.

For response and analysis reports to increase the success of your direct marketing, whether B-to-B marketing or direct-to-consumer marketing, call us now about our free matchback response analysis offer at 800-733-6567.

When we saw that Spectrum Data was offering a free matchback program, we were skeptical. That was then. Now that we can connect the dots between mailings and orders, we are changing how we target specific segments. The numbers are telling us we’re moving in the right direction. We are sticking with Spectrum Data for matchback and other analytics services for the long term. Thanks David.
Bill Deval, Plant Manager
Seeds of Change