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Frequently Asked Questions

In the mailing business, often the most expensive questions are the ones people don’t ask. So at Spectrum Data, we make it a point to cover even the bases you might not have considered.

Over the years, it’s amazing how often a new client will stop us and say, “Wow, no one’s ever asked me that before!” We’ve been in this business awhile; we’ve seen the pitfalls and potholes. (And we’ve hit a few ourselves along the way.) So below is a list of a few questions that aren’t asked often enough.

In the long run, probably not. While big printers can realize some savings just from the scale of their operation, those savings don’t always make their way into your pocket. You can often enjoy both cost savings and better service by being a “big fish in a little pond” — using a smaller printer and getting other mailing services from third-party vendors. After all, the ocean may be a great place for whales and sharks, but little fish usually end up as someone else’s lunch.

You know the old saying: If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. In today’s competitive environment, everyone wants an edge. It’s no surprise that so many vendors offer matchback services. But we’re much more interested in accuracy than inflated results. So when we provide matchback results, they are numbers you can depend on.

Matchback services address the all-too-common dilemma in today’s complex, multi-stream environment: What if a sale comes in without a key code? How do you know where the customer came from? Some matchback vendors promise the sun and the moon, but reality is usually a little more cloudy. Are you getting a 90 percent matchback success rate? Are you willing to bet your company’s future on results you can’t really trust?

We built our matchback systems from the ground up to ensure that the results are rock-solid. That process starts with things such as randomized key codes that prevent fulfillment operators from “cutting and pasting” you into inaccurate results. And our back-end routines don’t throw darts. When you get a matchback result from us, it’s better than a guess. So part of our definition of success is a success rate that may be lower than some of our competitors.

A better approach is to mail smarter:

• Make sure every mailing address is a good one.
• Keep your postage rates as low as possible.
• Combine with other mailings when you can.
• Induce more sales with customized ink-jet messages.
• When you get a sale, be sure you know where it came from.

Fortunately, we can help you with all of these elements as well as provide the data analytics to ensure that you are mailing the right names.

One shoe has never fit all. Spectrum Data is a small company and thus has the ability to be nimble and flexible to every client’s special needs. We have custom solutions for almost every client we serve, and our prices are no different than any other service bureau.

A phone call to 1-800-733-6567 is all it takes to start things moving.

Technology evolves … mailing guidelines change … KPIs can be a moving target. Managing our core business is a full-time job; we knew we needed to partner with a mailing specialist. Spectrum Data gets the job done for us time mailing after mailing, and they’re always on time and on budget.
Sue Barone
Masune First Aid and Safety

At Spectrum Data, our business model is built around long-term relationships as a client partner with one key goal:
to solve mailing challenges. A new problem for you is not necessarily a new one for us. We’d love to talk with you about your unique challenges and how Spectrum Data might just be a perfect fit.