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Marketing Analysis Solutions

Maximize your return with matchback response analysis, direct mail testing and statistical analysis

Our direct mail campaigns never have to be a shot in the dark with our matchback response analysis, direct mail response testing and statistical analysis modeling. We help you with your direct mail testing by assisting you with developing and measuring the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign pieces.

You will benefit from statistical analysis that utilizes a multivariate regression model to determine which customers are most likely to respond to your direct marketing campaign. Our matchback response analysis measures just how successful your direct mailer was by matching orders and leads to your mailing list.

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Merge Purge Services

Our proprietary process eliminates duplicates to save you money on printing and postage. In today’s hyper-competitive, internet-savvy environment, data management has never been more important.  That’s why you need an experienced partner who will ask the right questions to quickly get you where you need to go.

Data Hygiene Services

DSF2 is the gold standard for address verification and contains all delivery point addresses served by the USPS. This service means you are likely to find the right John or Jane Smith when they live close to each other.


Our matchback programs utilize both bill to and ship to addresses with best or last match logic to give you the best results.

Database and Dashboards

For over 30 years, our customers have been asking us for more insight into their customers. In response, we developed an interactive dashboard solution code named: Hawkeye. Hawkeye unifies data from your company’s CRM, eCommerce websites, email providers, and more to provide cross-channel marketing, sales, and product insight.

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How Genesis Business Insights Works

Genesis Business Insights is a simple process. First, all you need to do is grant Genesis Business Insights access to your CRM and digital properties. We are experienced with several CRM solutions, specifically all versions of NetSuite. Automated data retrieval brings data into our SaaS solution and a standardization of data elements occurs. This standardization allows Genesis Business Insights to identify potential duplicate customer accounts and merge information into consolidated customer accounts. Once your data across the selected channels and platforms is ready, configured reports are set-up to display the marketing, merchandising, and sales data most important to you. We display information brought in from multiple eCommerce channels, websites, email providers, search engines, and more, all integrated to your CRM for a comprehensive customer view.

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