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KDM Data Management

Reaching out to customers was much simpler in the days when the only option was direct mail, but times have changed. Today’s consumers have developed sophisticated methods of researching and purchasing. Your approach to communicating with them must be equally sophisticated.

At KDM, we create and execute Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs that help you reach your customers through the right channel and at the right time. We achieve success through clearly defined, customer-centric strategies that are firmly rooted in reliable customer information and analysis.

With marketing, circulation, and vendor services expertise, we have firsthand experience with the challenges your business faces.
KDM addresses your company’s distinct needs, designing data platforms that enable you to forge stronger relationships with your customers.

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How Genesis Business Insights Works

Genesis Business Insights is a simple process. First, all you need to do is grant Genesis Business Insights access to your CRM and digital properties. We are experienced with several CRM solutions, specifically all versions of NetSuite. Automated data retrieval brings data into our SaaS solution and a standardization of data elements occurs. This standardization allows Genesis Business Insights to identify potential duplicate customer accounts and merge information into consolidated customer accounts. Once your data across the selected channels and platforms is ready, configured reports are set-up to display the marketing, merchandising, and sales data most important to you. We display information brought in from multiple eCommerce channels, websites, email providers, search engines, and more, all integrated to your CRM for a comprehensive customer view.

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